Our Reseach

Studies show that buying decisions are made based on emotions not hard facts. For example, a buyer walks into a car dealership with a maximum spending limit in mind. The dealer notices the buyers eyes caught on one particular model, out of his price range. After sometime, the dealer asks that buyer to sit behind the wheel of that car 'just to see how it feels'. That's when everything changes. Whether power, stylish, or comfort, the buyer is captivated by the emotional appeal from sitting behind the wheel of that car. The car is sold emotionally way before the buyer ever looks under the hood. (But when he gets home, he will explain his decision logically; 'this car is rated highest for safety'.)

In today's extremely competitive retail market, the first impression means that you don't get a second chance. Your brand identity is reflected in your product's packaging. Companies are finding a strong point of differentiation in product design. Even the "no frills" black and white design common in the private label market has taken a back seat to creativity and ingenuity.

To maximize the impact of your product, Edify Associates creates product designs that are imaginative and enterprising utilizing our creative talents and cutting-edge technology. Our creative process draws on our experience, design research and unique mix of talent to create physical and emotional substance. The product design becomes the container for a compelling story, and it keeps the integrity of your brands.