Managers must understand the trade offs of an ERP system before undergoing The key issues reside in understanding the specific needs of each organization and the best suited business model for its operations. For many companies, investing in an ERP system means buying an off the shelf system however they must understand how each program differs and what is at stake with choosing one over the other or developing one in-house.

We begin our evaluation with a clearly defined business case. It is our believe that this justification will drive the improvement of your business processes. Should it be decided that an in-house solution is the way to go, then we develop an implementation plan with clearly defined project scope, factoring in available resources and realistic deadlines and expectations.

We work very closely with every client to understand the business needs by analyzing and identifing the most critical issues. In addition we consider available internal resources towards your long term goals for the implementation of an e-business strategy.

The final product is an ERP system that:

  • Greater integration in functional areas.
  • Standardizes operating systems and reporting.
  • Optimizes key processes.
  • Offers high levels of profitability and flexibility.

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